I have a new appreciation for what you learn in Mr Brillon’s welding class. #ThisIsAttleboro
1 day ago, Kate Campbell
Who said they don’t like school ? Not us!
best welding teacher ever !
still getting our gear prepped
getting ready
Mrs. Silva’s forensics class learning how to analyze tape lifts for trace evidence to identify a possible crime. CSI Attleboro High School!
2 days ago, Greg Pavlisko
Mrs. Silvia’s forensics class
We’re excited to introduce Attleboro Public Schools’s new mobile communication tool - Rooms! Coming soon to the Attleboro Public Schools app, Rooms will be built into our district app so you have one app for everything Attleboro Public Schools.
2 days ago, Kim Janssen
Parent Teacher
Coming Soon! Say “hello” to parent-teacher chat in the Attleboro Public Schools app! The same district app will soon offer class streams, class announcements, and parent-teacher chat. Download for Android https://bit.ly/3y0V3x1 Download for iPhone https://apple.co/3RjqlYR
3 days ago, APS
Open House Saturday, September 24, 10:00-12:00. Come join us as we celebrate the opening of our spectacular new school. Address- One Blue pride Way. Parking on either side of the building as well as behind the school. Enter through main doors near the flagpoles. See you there!
5 days ago, Kate Campbell
6 days ago, Kate Campbell
Together we are stronger at AHS
Thinking thinking
flexible seating at AHS
Getting through the hard days one smile at a time .
Teamwork and hard work is what we do. The Balfour trophy sponsored by the Attleboro Elks Lodge 1014 was ours tonight! #ThisIsAttleboro
9 days ago, Kate Campbell
teamwork gets it done
AHS proud!
congrats to all!
Attleboro 27- Feehan 7. AHS showed up in full force for a great night! #ThisIsAttleboro
9 days ago, Kate Campbell
Blue got it done ! proud of teamwork and sportsmanship
top notch
hired captains of student school spirit
thanks for the school spirit !
9 days ago, Kate Campbell
AHS art work filling our walls with color
boys soccer team yoga lesson
AHS student artwork
automotive safety lesson in action
Mrs. Michelle’s philosophy class debating, “Do our choices make us who we are or do we make our choices based on who we are.” Lively debate!
10 days ago, Greg Pavlisko
Lively discussion!
​Grade 9 students: Most of you will receive your school issued Chromebook tomorrow during the first period of the day. If you have your middle school Chromebook (any condition) or a loaner from AHS, please bring it and its charger into school tomorrow to exchange for a new device. Thank you.
12 days ago, Kevin Gorman
See this image for Monday's 8 period bell schedule (and the schedule for the rest of the week).
14 days ago, Kevin Gorman
bell schedule
AHS blue is getting it done. Congrats to Varsity Football and Varsity Volleyball for big wins this weekend. Let’s Go! #ThisIsAttleboro
14 days ago, Kate Campbell
AHS blue pride
AHS /Durfee
AHS big win over Feehan
Never Forget
14 days ago, Kate Campbell
Never forget
Please click here for our weekly family update: https://ahs.attleboroschools.com/o/ahs/article/833613
16 days ago, Kevin Gorman
new building image
Students exploring the theme of identity #ThisIsAttleboro
18 days ago, Nicole Lane
teachers addressing class
students working at computers
Click this link for our weekly family update: https://ahs.attleboroschools.com/o/ahs/article/826837
23 days ago, Kevin Gorman
students using corridor whiteboards
Please click this link for an update on student drop-off in the morning: https://ahs.attleboroschools.com/o/ahs/article/823618
25 days ago, Kevin Gorman
new building image
Day 2 lunch at AHS went quite smoothly in this beautiful space!
26 days ago, Robyn Bianchetto
Day 2 lunch at AHS went quite smoothly !
Please click this link for today's family update: https://ahs.attleboroschools.com/o/ahs/article/821107
27 days ago, Kevin Gorman