new building at night

We had another great week of learning at Attleboro HS. Please see below for our weekly update.

Next Week’s Schedule


The PSAT test is this Wednesday, October 12. Almost all grade 10 and any grade 11 student who registered will be taking this test. The assessment comprises three tests and includes 2 hours and 45 minutes of actual testing time and about 10 minutes of breaks.

  • Reading Test: 60 minutes

  • 5-minute break

  • Writing and Language Test: 35 minutes

  • Math Test – No Calculator: 25 minutes

  • 5-minute break

  • Math Test – Calculator: 45 minutes

One of the Mathematics sections of the test allows students to use a calculator.  If possible, please bring a calculator with you. You will not be able to use your cell phone as a calculator during the exam. Please also remember to bring two Number 2 pencils.

The testing block is considered an academic block.  Therefore, all devices (including cell phones, smartwatches and tablets) are not permitted at the testing desks.  When students enter the testing room, they will be instructed to turn their device off and place in their bags which will be housed away from their desks in the classroom.  

Students will be instructed to write their English teachers name on their test booklet so that we may distribute the books to them when their results come in. 

This guide will help students prepare for the test:

This test informs Advanced Placement potential, curricular decisions, and determines scholarship eligibility. We encourage all students to do their best.

Lastly, please consult this list to determine your testing room. Please note that room assignments are alphabetical by house.

Test Room

Students Being Tested

201A & 203A

H1 Gr 10: Aco. - Der.


H1 Gr 10: Duv. - Kan.


H1 Gr 10: Kit. - Qua.


H1 Gr 11: Ann. - Fer.


H1 Gr 10: Ric. - Zhe.


H1 Gr 11: Flo. - Woo.


H2 Gr 10: Ahe. - Dar.


H2 Gr 10: DeJ. - Hou.


H2 Gr 10: Hun. - Mac.


H2 Gr 11: Abr. - Mav.


H2 Gr 10: Per. - Vie.


H2 Gr 10: Mar. - Pen.


H2 Gr 10: Wel. - Zac.

H2 Gr 11: Mel. - Vec.


H3 Gr 10: Agu. - Cor.


H3 Gr 11: Col. - Tho.


H3 Gr 10: Cou. - Gon.


H3 Gr 10: Gov. - Li.


H3 Gr 10: Lop. - Rey.


H3 Gr 10: Riv. - Wea.

H3 Gr 11: Ahl. - Col.


H4 Gr 10: Abr. - Car.


H4 Gr 11: Mil. - Zen.


H4 Gr 10: Car. - Kry.


H4 Gr 10: Kus. - Ott.


H4 Gr 10: Pac. - Sto.


H4 Gr 10: Sug. - Wel.

H4 Gr 11: Cas. - McL.

School Council

Every year schools are mandated to develop a school council committee. This committee will meet 6 times during the year to discuss school strengths and areas of focus. They are tasked with reviewing the school improvement plan and offering suggestions and feedback. If you are interested in being a part of the AHS School Council please send an email to

Positive Referrals

As many of you are aware, we had an Aspen issue this week with positive referrals.  We are still working with IT  to understand why almost 24,000 positive referrals went out to families on Tuesday.  We are working hard on acknowledging the behaviors of our students and want them to know they are being noticed for their actions. As soon as IT fixes the issue teachers will be back to sending out positive referrals to students. We apologize for the confusion caused this week.

Guidance Department News

 Just added: In Person Financial Aid Night at Attleboro High School in English and Spanish!

We are pleased to announce that representatives from the offices of Financial Aid and Admissions are sponsoring a financial aid presentation to our AHS families. The event will take place on October 27 at 6:00 pm in Bray Auditorium and will be available in both English and Spanish.

Registration is required on the link below:

 Event Reminder: UMass Amherst Virtual Presentation for students and parents in all grades

Are you applying to UMass Amherst? Join us for a Zoom presentation with Mike Drish, the Director of Freshman Admissions on October 13 at 6:30 pm especially for Attleboro families. Registration is required through EventBrite. The meeting code for the evening will be

Attendance and Tardiness

Now that we have adapted to life in the new building, we will start to address attendance and tardiness issues with students and families. Please be aware that we will be following the policy in the AHS Handbook. 

Picture Day

Mark you calendar: picture day is October 18.