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We had another great week at Attleboro High. Please see below for our weekly update.

Student Handbook

The Student Handbook is live on the district website under ‘For Families’ – APS Student Handbooks. All families should complete the  Student Handbook Acknowledgement Workflow in Aspen. Directions on how to complete that workflow are here: How to Complete the Student Handbook Acknowledgement in Aspen. 

 Morning Drop-off

We continue to get better (and faster!) at morning drop-off. One piece of advice to further expedite the process: you should never drop off your students when the road loop is a single lane. Dropping students in the single lane part of the loop creates a major back-up for all those behind you. Thank you!


Grade 11 Students and Families: Use this form to indicate your desire to take the PSATs this October: Interest Form. See our previous updates for additional information.

Community Fliers

All APS Community Fliers can be found within the Welcome Center website. To view this week’s fliers, including information from throughout Attleboro please visit the Welcome Center webpage or click here for current fliers. Here is the webpage: 

Students were practicing their speaking and listening skills in a recent Spanish class. 

Technical Exploratory students made French Fries as part of their Culinary Arts rotation.