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We are excited to see everyone in our new building on Monday! Please see below for several important updates. 


We are moving into a wonderful new building. Please be patient as this is new for everyone: students, families, bus drivers, staff, etc. In the opening days of school, we will be monitoring transportation (busses, student parking, family pick-up/drop-off) carefully and make adjustment as necessary. 

Students Driving to School

First, we recommend carpooling. Second, students may park in either Lot D (Bushee St lot) or Highland Lot, which is directly off Rathbun Willard Drive. 

The bus pick-up/drop-off area is in the back of the building and passes by Lot D. Those parking in Lot D should know that busses will be entering and exiting through this same area. Expect congestion and be cautious. Once parked, students should follow the signage to the building. Students will enter the building through the cafeteria. 

The Highland Lot would be a good option for students looking to avoid congestion.

Students should not not park on Bushee St, Verndale St, Green Drive, or Berndt Drive. 


Families Dropping off and Picking up Students

Family drop off is in the front of the building. Families should drop students off at the flagpoles in front of the main/principal’s entrance. Families should enter and exit through the principal’s loop. At the end of the day, pick-up is in this same loop.

Schedule for the First Week

Below is the bell schedule for the first week of school. Students will start each day next week in X block. When looking at their schedules in Aspen, students, to start their day, should proceed to the room where their X block is located.

Students will have lunch during period 5 on Monday and Wednesday, and period 6 on Tuesday and Friday.

Schedules in Aspen

Student schedules are now visible in Aspen through the student and family portal. It is important to be mindful that students have requested courses, and that requests do not guarantee placement. Students can reach out to their guidance counselor if they have questions. Please be mindful that some parts of our master schedule are still fluid and changes to some student schedules may still occur. Aspen will have the most up-to-date student schedule. 

How to Access Schedules in Aspen


  • Click “My Info” top tab

  • Click “Current Schedule” side tab

  • Change “Time” drop-down to “T1” or “ALL” if necessary


  • Click the “Family” top tab

  • Select a student

  • Click the “Schedule” side tab

  • Change the “Time” drop-down to “T1” or “ALL” if necessary

Cell Phone Expectations

Cell phone use (including headphones) is prohibited throughout the building during academic time. Cell phones/earbuds may be used before school, during passing times, during lunch, and after school. During class time cell phones/headphones must be out of sight and not in use (for example: kept in a backpack).

Also, hats and hoods may not be worn during academic time. Please be mindful of this.


Students are reminded to bring their fully charged Chromebooks to school on Monday.

Please know how excited we all are for Monday.

Have a great weekend!