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Our new building has state of the art technology within it. As such, the primary school supply that all students will need to bring with them to their classes will be their school-issued Chromebook. Students should bring their fully charged Chromebook and charger to school everyday.  Students new to AHS (including freshmen) will be issued their Chromebooks within the first few days of school.  Students with course specific supply needs will be notified of them in the first few days of the school year.

Below is a list of potential general supplies your family may consider purchasing. None of these items are required:

  • Backpack: Very few high school students use lockers; therefore, backpacks are relatively standard. Please select one that is comfortable, functional, and able to fit a Chromebook and charger.

  • Planner/Agenda: Being organized is crucial to success at the high school level. It is recommended that students have a planner/agenda that has enough space on each day to list. You can use your Chromebook for this but a physical one can be an alternative.

  • Paper: Students should bring in some form of paper that works best for them: notebooks, loose-leaf paper in binders, graph paper, etc are all acceptable.

  • Writing Utensils: Students should bring in some form of writing utensil. Pens or pencils are acceptable; some may also want to use highlighters. 

  • Calculators: Although some math and science classes will utilize a scientific calculator, it is not advisable to buy an expensive calculator until the teacher has met with the class.

  • Locks: As mentioned previously, very few students use a locker, but those who choose to must provide their own lock and register their locker with their house office.

  • Organization: Staying organized is a crucial component of success in high school. Consider an organization system that works best for you: binders, folders, etc.