We look forward to welcoming everyone back after break. Please keep checking our website posts for upcoming events. Our Drama Director, Mr. Pete Tarsi, and our AHS drama club will be hosting this year’s State Festival on Saturday, March 4th. Our new  Bray Auditorium will be filled with talented HS teams from around the state.  Both our basketball teams have made the playoffs and will have games scheduled in the upcoming weeks. Our new gym has been filled with positive energy as fans from the community come out to support our students. 

Next Week

We have five full days next week. See our schedule below. 

Progress Reports

Last week Progress Reports were published in Aspen. Please review this report with your child. Only three more weeks until trimester two ends. Here’s how to access the report:

  • STEP 1: Log into your Aspen family account (https://ma-attleboro.myfollett.com) and click the “Pages” top tab. 

  • STEP 2: Find the Published Reports heading on the main page. 

  • STEP 3: Click the Progress Report under that heading.

If you have questions or concerns about your student’s grades and/or how to improve them, please contact your student’s teachers. They are ready and willing to help your child achieve their best possible results. 

Important Information about MassHealth and SNAP Benefits

In response to the COVID-19, MassHealth put protections in place that prevented members’ MassHealth coverage ending, and qualifying Massachusetts households began to receive extra SNAP at the beginning of each month to buy food. Due to recent action by the federal government, these protections and extra benefits will be ending soon. Please visit the Welcome Center website for more information on what you can do now. 

As we return from break, we will be reviewing protocols  with cell phones and school expectations. Please remind your child cell phones are to be used only during non-academic time, which includes hallway passing between classes and assigned lunch times. Students are responsible for their choices and decisions. It is impressive to see so many students following school procedures. Our AHS core values are continually being emphasized and acknowledged. We see students having pride in their new school and learning community.  

Enjoy the weekend!